Wednesday, November 15, 2006

SEVENTH POST: Page Six sneak Peek

Hello all. This is Kirk, the artist on Golden Age. I though I would post a few additions to the blog here. Today I’m going to show you a peek at a part of page 6. Page six is a collage that sets up the transition into the 50s when Starblast is a young man and exerting is independence as a superhero.

(click pic to see larger)

As for myself, Matt talked a little bit about my background. To expand, I am currently an Art Director at a game and puzzle company. Myself and a staff of three designers do all the packaging, contents, marketing material and catalog for the company. Previous to this job, of which I have been at for 12 years now, I worked at a roleplaying company called Game Designers Workshop. They made Traveller and a few other games. When I worked at GDW, I did alot of illustration for them that had that roleplaying look, not to mention lots of map drawings (yehaw).

GDW whet out of buisness a year after I left. When I came to Patch, I had to switch gears and draw cartoon characters in a Disney style for some of the children’s puzzles. After the first few years at Patch, my duties strayed from illustrating to designing and managing the depatment, thus no drawings to do. After a few years of not drawing, I decided I was going to pursue drawing on a daily basis and build my skill back up and past where I had been. I had sort of done this a few times before only to fizzle out. The differnce this time was that I was going to start a blog (provided by the drawing board) as a means of holding myself accountable. It has helped and also provided me the contact with Matt to work with on Golden Age. Now to say everything is great, would be a stretch. I still need to work thought busy and unmotivated times, but the last two years have really been good for my illustrating development.

Well, sorry to talk your ear off. For the next time I post some stuff here, I plan on doing a Golden Age poster. In fact I’m already done with the drawing, just need to ink it. I will then post the final result, (a very fun poster) and some thumbnail sketches of other ideals I had for a poster. Till then, best to ya. - Kirk


Blogger Dan McDaid said...

Terrific - can't wait to see the finished pieces!

9:25 AM  
Blogger mattcrap said...


yeah buddy!

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