Tuesday, October 31, 2006

FIFTH POST: For the kid in all of us.

Sorry about missing last week, I'll try not to let that happen again.
In honor of Halloween, and kids everywhere (both of mine are currently in sugar comas) we're focusing on The StarblastKid.

Oliver in his early formative "pre-teen" years was a sidekick of TheSkowl. As far as heroes go, Oliver has payed his dues, going from sidekick to legitimate solo hero.

This week's fanart is one of my favorites, by Davis Godwin

Happy Halloween!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

FOURTH POST: A Little Something For Everyone.

I'd really like to think that we've got something special here. Everytime Kirk shows me something that he's working on or a rough of an idea that he's made better, I'm blown away. I'm already positive that the book's going to LOOK great.

Except the colors....who knows if that colorist is gonna screw things up.

We've got super heroes, cops & robbers, monsters, and giant robots. We've even managed to fit a pretty good moral in there too. I'm hoping that it'll touch people on more than just a "ass kicking action" aspect. I've tested it on my son and he's super-excited about all the different stuff that goes on. He'll definitely be a barometer for seeing how kids might respond to it.

I believe that we've got an "all ages" kind of book, here....or at the very least a PG rated book. Some violence, some borderline brutal fight scenes, but nothing outside the norm of general comic book excitement.


My favorite panel to date! Is that not the coolest thing you've ever seen?
You should've seen the crap design that Kirk brought this thing from.

The Skowl takin' out the trash- layin' a beat down on some two-bit thug.

...and this week's fanart is from Jeff "Chamba" Cruz. His "chibi version" of Ol' Starhead.


Tuesday, October 10, 2006

THIRD POST: About The Artist

GoldenAge will be brought to you by the Pencil&Ink Machine that is, Mr. Kirk Wescom. Straight outta Illinois, Kirk's been illustrating proffesionally since 1988. He currently works as an Art Director, designing board games, logos, and that kinda stuff.
He's a really great guy t'boot.

Some really early versions of the various Starblast versions

A rooftop shot of TheStarblastKid and TheSkowl

This week's fanart is by Michael Kasinger!

Check out Mek's stuff at http://www.fabricari.com/gallery/index.php?cat=10003

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

SECOND POST: Concept-O-Rama!

Thanks for joining us in the second installment of our GoldenAge blog.
This week we're going to give you the premise of the book and some of the early concept art. Along with another FAN-tastic piece of FANart!

Oliver Glickman was a superhero once.

Back in the day he went by the name, STARBLAST. He defended his city against those who would see it destroyed. He was a beacon of hope amongst the ever-growing community of technicolor and spandex-clad defenders of MajorCity.

Oliver worked as a Taymag Repairman, he used his very free scheduel as a cover for his superheroics. He found out that as hard as he tried, there were always going to be heroes who were stronger, faster, and smarter than he was. He never made his way out of the superhero D-list. He was a second stringer, a bench warmer. After years of a lack-luster career, he hung up the cape and skull-cap for a quiet, "normal life." Now, decades later and in his mid-seventies, he's back at it. Dispite his arthritus, bad hearing, and occasional "power-short-circuit," Oliver Glickman is bound and determined to take to the sky once again, even at his GOLDEN AGE!

This is one of the earliest drawings of Starblast (the 2nd or 3rd, i think)

This is one of Kirk's early "Age Scale Charts."
In order to determine how Starblast would look through the decades

More of Kirk's freakin' gorgeous sketching magic that he does so well.

This week's FanArt is a double threat.
Drawn by Israel Cruz (AtomikMike) and grey-toned by Dan McDaid (The Last Minuters)